Frequently Asked Questions - Add an Event

All JantaReview events must meet standards in these categories:
  • Adding Event to JantaReview
  • If your event is hosted at a business location listed on JantaReview, first search for that business, go to the business page and then click on add an event link at the bottom of Event Tab. If you are the business owner, signup for a business account to manage your event listings

  • How do i add image url
  • 1. Go the the webpage where the image is located.
    2. Right click on the image and select "Copy Image Location" on Firefox, "Copy Image URL" on Chrome. This will copy the url of the image to the clipboard. Usually image urls end with .jpg, or .png, or .gif. You can verify that the image url is correctly copied by pasting the image urls on a new browser and only the image shd be displayed. Now past this url to the Image url text box.
  • Family-friendly
  • Event postings must be family friendly.No profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, sexually explicit language or other non-family-friendly content. No graphic reports of violent criminal activity or participation in drug-related activity.

  • Contact Information
  • Although optional, please do include contact information, we may need to contact you to follow-up on your event listing.

  • Posting Multiple Events
  • Do not post the same event across multiple event categories

  • Events Managment Companies
  • Contact us if you are a movie theater or organization that regularly hosts multiple events. You can provide us a data feed for your event listings.

  • And finally...
  • Jantareview reserves the right to remove an event posting at any time for any reason.